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What type of Website does your business need?

If you are looking for what type of business website you should build for your business, you must already be aware of a website for your business growth. Before starting to build a site or hiring a host to do it for you, you must be aware of your business purpose. Whether you want more traffic on your site or more subscribers. Depending on the business purpose, we have categorized websites into three main types which are as follows.

But before we began to discuss the multiple types of a business website, we must be aware of Conversion rate optimization (CRO). This is the idea of converting your website’s visitors into paying customers.

1. Service Website

If you are building a website to offer services to people, make sure that every feature of your website leads your visitors to subscribe or sign up to your website. Usual traffic will not help you complete your target of registered users or subscribers. Limit your free services to compel visitors to sign up to your site. But make sure that your free services are so convincing and appealing that the users cannot resist subscribing to it.

If you are a blogger or your website contains so much written content, Customized WordPress website is best suited for you. This will help you increase traffic on your page because WordPress, worldwide, is the most trusted user-friendly platform which offers tons of customization tools. You can succeed in convincing your users by moulding these themes according to your business need.

2. eCommerce Website

If you are looking to build an online store for your website, this is where eCommerce comes in. An eCommerce site requires a higher CRO than any other type of business website because now you do not only need visitors for your site but potential customers to increase your sales. If your company offers hundreds of products, then you must pay attention to both visuality and functionality of your website. Your website must be updated, responsive, and user-friendly with a 100% uptime.

3. Brochure Website

Most of the businesses build their website solely for the marketing of their brand. In this type of website, CRO does not matter a lot because all you need is to represent the right information about your frim: what you do, who you serve, where you work etc. In this competitive world, there is nothing wrong in building a site for the representation of your firm because the current competition demands it to make you prominent in the industry.

Now you know what type of business website you need for your firm, Good luck!

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